Loan Limits 580+ Credit Scores


The following documents are needed to process your Application


a. Last two (2) years Tax Returns

b. Last two (2) years W2's or 1099's

c. Most recent 1-month pay-stubs.

d. Social Security Award Letters (when applicable)

e. Long Term Disability Award Letters (when applicable)


a. Most recent 2-months bank statements

i. All pages

ii. Front and Back

iii. Showing Bank’s name

iv. Showing account number

v. Showing Borrower’s name and address

PLEASE NOTE: provides assistance to ALL Mortgage Approved Home-buyers even when they have more than adequate Liquid Assets deposited in their Bank Accounts. Nevertheless, to issue bank approvals, our preferred lenders will want to confirm that our Home-buyers have adequate Liquid Assets; with that said, WE WANT BANK APPROVALS,

So please DO NOT HIDE your liquid assets from us thinking that we won't help you. We will always help you. So Please upload ALL YOUR BANK STATEMENTS to demonstrate your financial stability. 


a. State Issued Picture ID

b. Social Security Card 

c. Green Card (when applicable)

d. Work Permit (when applicable)


a. Number of people that will live in your New Home

b. Their Names,

c. Your Relationship with them

d. Yearly Income of each household member


a. Divorce Decree (when applicable)

Divorce Decrees are necessary to Accept or Deny Income and/or Liabilities from Child Support and Alimony

b. Detailed Explanation of what you're trying to achieve (location, type of home, closing date, etc)

c. Contact information and best time to call (cell phone, work, email)

Please be sure that ALL DOCUMENTS are legible, complete and in good sequence and order. 

Also, please note that screenshots or photographs of (documents, letters, bank statements, tax returns, W2's, pay-stubs, etc.) are unacceptable to all banks. 

Each particular Document that you up-load must be individually labeled and have all of its pages in proper sequence. 

Each Document must be uploaded separately; Do not up-load one single document containing all of your supportive documentation.

All Documents must be Delivered through our Document Up-loader. does not accept Physical Mail.

Upon receipt of your complete application package and supportive documentation, will process and respond to you within 5-7 days.